Professional profile

I am a translator with more than twelve years’ experience in the medical and academic field, translating from English and Italian into German. Get in touch, this is what you’ll get:

Profound respect for the material I’m working with. Because if it seems simple, the translator is doing something wrong.

Effective communication. It wouldn’t be the first time, that a translator’s quest for clarity helps identify margin for improvement of the source text.

A self-confident use of language. Because intelligibility will suffer with a non-intuitive sentence structure. So let’s be brave and turn a question into a statement; let’s trim down redundancies; and – why not? – the other day I shifted visual emphasis from verb to pronoun: the importance of a request or an affirmation can be expressed in English by putting an emphasis on the verb, as in “Every member of staff must set personal goals”. This should be avoided in German, where such an emphasis on the action is not advisable in good communication strategies. So it became, “Every member of staff must set personal goals”? They’re both saying the same: “It must be done!” Only, the first version is pronounced by a little dictator, the second is more personal and hence authoritative, it pampers group spirit, and will certainly have a much better impact.

Context, coherence and consistency. Run the test: after translating, I’ll know your text just as well as one knows a painting having done it as a 2,000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Up-to-date knowledge from participation in advanced training courses and specialist conferences are the best opportunity for taking in as much knowledge and stimuli as possible; plus they get me away from my solitary desk and in contact with precious colleagues, medical professionals and industry representatives.

A trustful cooperation right from the start is essential, so if you share my opinion that competent translation is crucial, serious, profound and certainly worthwhile, reach out!