Professional profile

I am a translator with ten years‘ experience in the medical and academic field, translating from English and Italian into German.

I appreciate working with direct clients and agencies who value a responsible collaboration based on effective communication.

During my initially somewhat eclectic university education, I got familiar with the style and methods of scientific writing in various fields. Furthermore, my passion for teaching – it runs in the family – makes me well aware of the informational strategies and stylistic means used for producing lay friendly scientific content.

What a translator must keep in mind is context, coherence and consistency; what a translator must be passionate about is following a train of thought, retracing the elaboration of causes, effects, relations and results. A clear view of all elements and of the way in which they are interrelated is actually key to a good translation.

This doesn’t come by itself: A well written, technically and linguistically convincing text doesn’t automatically work that well in another language, if only the original features are maintained. It is crucial to consider any conventions in the target language regarding the choice of words, sentence structures or other stylistic elements. I put the principle of a self-confident use of language at the base of my work. A question may be turned into a statement, redundancies often have to be cancelled in German, and for us a paper never outlines anything – only the author can do that.

A trustful cooperation right from the start is essential, so if you share my opinion that competent translation is crucial, serious, profound and certainly worthwhile, get in touch.