A translator’s mind

We live our lives immersed in language. Some of us are more aware of  This is where I am writing about various aspects of my profession and professional life. Subjects are varied and the list is open to be extended:

  • Language and the mind.
  • Language and society.
  • Global language. Interesting insights into the functioning of and relations between the world’s languages and language systems.
  • Languages for special purposes, experts‘ speak. Characteristics, outlook.
  • Communication and localisation. Express yourself the way you want to be perceived by your target audience. Leave all others out. But make sure your translator is capable of sharing your voice.
  • What’s the big deal about translation? Don’t we all know a foreign language?
  • The translator’s professional mindset. Ethics, expectations and that extra mile.
  • Intranslatables and diplomatic solutions. Why words with no literal counterpart in the foreign language are less of a problem then commonly thought of and why context is much more important.
  • At my studio. Anecdotes straight from my desk.